marți, 21 februarie 2012

Some Valuable Tips for Playing Black Ops 2

Like any other kind of video game, Black Ops 2 would require a lot of strategies and techniques in order for you to beat the game. By doing this, you will definitely enjoy most of your gaming experience rather than just repeating the stage over and over again. There are some tips that you should consider once you play this game. It would be advised for you to follow them correctly so as to get better chances of winning.
The first thing that you should consider is for you to really know the surrounding within the game. It is even advised that you should play with some of your games first and search for places that would be better for you to get the most kills as you can. Then, you must also it is a must for you to know the exact points where your enemies will spawn. Having this information will give you the idea on where they will most likely appear or will be coming from. Thus, the chances of you to on top of your enemies will be increased. Another would be with regards to the use of the best set-ups possible. You do not to worry regarding you having no huge guns for this are what is expected in the beginning of the game. However, you must start on choosing the guns that are best in accordance to your preference and from there you can slowly get the ones that would be bigger.Black Ops 2.

Also, you should always bear in mind that you should be playing the smartest way possible. At times, you will be encountering opponents that would give you a constant rush, so in this case you should find a great spot to camp and wait for them there. However, be careful for if you notice that thee enemy is not rushing you, they may be finding another route in order to get you behind your back so if they are not rushing, it would be better for you to move around a little bit, just in case.

Lastly, you may also use the strategy known as strafing. Well, for those of you who have no idea what this is, it means that you will be moving from left to right and vice verso whenever you are shooting at your enemies. By doing this, your enemies will have a hard time aiming at you thus giving them less chances to give a hit. But, take note that this would be only useful for close encounters.